Sarah Jemmett

"What can I say about myself as an artist!!! I would like to say that I am a child prodigy with great talent but that would not be quite true, it has been a hard journey for me.  

I am and always have been a great observer of life both the good, bad and often the in between and it is only in the last 10 years that I have been expressing some of these observations through my paintings. I generally paint in oils and love colour, vibrancy and light which you will see in my work.

It is only since joining the VoEAS 2 years ago that I feel encouraged by like minded people to share my work with the public. I am genuinely grateful to the Society for the help and confidence they have given to me.  

I feel that there is never an end to an artists journey so continue to learn through self study, attending professional workshops and working with other artists".