pam Cuthbert

For most of my adult life I have been interested in paintings and artists. I have regularly visited countless galleries and exhibitions:  collected and read books about artists and their lives. But I’ve done very little practical artwork myself until fairly recently.

And then the doors finally opened with a second marriage a move to the Midlands and my retirement. I enrolled in Elizabeth Barath's art group in Evesham and discovered watercolours! She is a great teacher. I have never looked back, and never stopped learning!

I went on painting holidays to Crete with Joe Francis Dowden. I became part of an art group in Tenerife where I lived for 8 years, and sold my work out there.

I don't think you can ever say you have mastered watercolour. Each painting is a new experience. 

Beginning with landscapes, I now choose any subject that appeals to me, which provides a challenge in colour and composition. 

For some years I have been a member of Evesham Art Society which has been invaluable, and I paint with the Garage Art group - always learnng!