Jane Powell

So why landscapes and seascapes? Having grown up in rural Worcestershire I have always found joy in big landscapes. As a child I had a special place at the top of our lane where I would sit and could see for miles, it was exhilarating, like being at the top of the world! But being in the landlocked Midlands does give me a hankering after the coast which is where I feel truly alive. I have always felt an affinity with the sea and can watch it for hours, I visit as often as I can with my sketchbook in tow to try and capture the true essence of a particular place in that moment of time.

I am on an exciting journey to find new ways to express the light, beauty and emotion in the landscapes around me. Painting in mainly oils and acrylics, I enjoy exploring abstract and impressionistic techniques using colour, texture and experimenting with different mark making implements. I like to paint with a limited palette with loose fluid brushstrokes and blended flowing colours. I am currently building up a body of work to exhibit whilst also working on a number of commissioned paintings.


To see more of Jane's art please visit her website.